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Psychotherapy (BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT®)), Hypnotherapy and Counselling

Consultations available in Cheltenham or by Skype

Are you looking for professional therapy support for a problem or situation that you are experiencing?

Do you live with a long term life-impacting situation, such as fear or phobia, anxiety, lack of confidence, poor self-image or obesity?  Do you want to enjoy a healthier, slimmer lifestyle by changing your eating habits or becoming a non-smoker?

Do you want to build up your confidence to deal with a one off situation, such as giving a presentation or public speech?  

Do you want to change aspects of your life which are not positive and supportive for you?

Many people struggle with emotional or mental issues, including anxiety or depression. They may cope with problems for years before coming to a realisation that it is okay to ask for help – and it is that acknowledgement which allows us to move forward and find a resolution.

That is really the very first and the most important step to feeling better about yourself and about life.  It isn’t always possible to “do it all yourself” .  Psychotherapy, analytical or solution focused hypnotherapy and counselling can help you to achieve what you want for yourself. 

Therapies Available

Hypnotherapy is the preferred therapy for many people as it can bring about beneficial change. I can offer either solution focused, analytical or regression therapy depending on what is the most appropriate for your particular needs.  Your treatment plan is developed and tailored specifically to you.

I am also qualified to treat using BWRT® a new therapy which works rapidly and effectively to change unwanted responses and behaviours, replacing them with those of your own choosing. Unlike many therapies, BWRT® does not involve “homework” between sessions or revealing details of which you may feel embarrassed or ashamed.

BWRT has been brought into focus in the national press just recently with this article in the Daily Mail “New Way to Wipe Out Lifelong Phobias in Just One Session…”

You can book a face to face consultation at The Practice Rooms, or The Regency Practice, in Cheltenham.  I also offer Skype sessions  anywhere in the world (I am fully covered for remote working).

Daytime or weekday appointments a problem?  I offer evening and weekend consultations.

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Modern Life and Stress

Stress is not always negative.  We encounter varying amounts of stress every day in different situations throughout our lives.  Our bodies are designed to respond to this by producing adrenaline and cortisol.  These stress hormones enable us to meet the challenge in front of us.  It is only when our stress levels rise and remain too high that stress can lead to anxiety or fear.  It can also lead to feeling overwhelmed and of being unable to cope.  Prolonged elevated levels of stress hormones also affect our physical health.  Because we can’t prevent stress, we can instead change how we deal with it and make it more manageable.  

Relationships, work or study, exams, lack of money, family demands and time management are just some of the most common causes of stress.  Divorce, death, loss of a job, moving house, discrimination and bullying, or public speaking are other issues that we face in our lives.  We all respond in differing ways to these sorts of events because we are unique individuals.  

Therapy for Stress (Image Designed by Pressfoto -

Living in a fast paced and demanding world puts pressure on all of us.  There are many ways in which we might react to stress: forgetfulness; sleep problems; irritability and moodiness; fatigue; lack of concentration.  These are some of the common symptoms you might be experiencing.  It is important that you understand you are perfectly normal in reacting to stress in this way.


Our brain works by constantly filtering and assessing information coming in to it.  It looks for a match w how to act this time round.  When the information is not enough for the brain to make a decision, it waits for more information to arrive.  This creates a loop in which our thoughts can seem to go around and around, re-thinking the same information.  

Should the brain be unable to reach a decision fairly quickly, a state of anxiety is created. This can lead to our trying to imagine what may complete the picture.  For instance, a family member may be late arriving home and we try to find a reasonable explanation for this in the absence of any real facts.  Often we imagine a  “worst case scenario” in which something negative has happened, even though we have no basis for believing it to be true.  The anxiety loop created is only dispelled when the family member arrives home. They explain that they worked overtime, but forgot to let us know.  We may get anxious in relation to just one issue, such as speaking on the telephone, or we may experience anxiety about a wide range of everyday events and issues (Generalised Anxiety Disorder or GAD).  

Weight Loss

You may wish to lose weight for medical reasons or simply because you want to feel and look better.  With so many diets and diet aids available to us, we can struggle to find the right way of achieving the weight loss we want.  To reach our goal we must do more than diet.  We need to change the way we think and feel about food.  Our responses to food go back very often to our earliest childhood and it can be difficult to overcome ingrained emotional responses to what we eat and when.  Therapy can help to re-train our minds to approach food in a more sensible and sustainable way to support long term weight loss and maintenance of a healthier body mass index (BMI).

Therapy for Weight Management

Professional and Confidential Therapy 

When you choose to have therapy, we will work together to identify and resolve the problems or issues you have.  I work in a completely confidential and professional way. We will agree the most appropriate approach to your personal situation and needs.  I offer counselling, psychotherapy and clinical or solution focused hypnotherapy tailored to you.  You can consult me by Skype anywhere around the world, or face to face in Cheltenham.  I am a qualified and fully insured hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and counsellor.

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